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Jeff Koegel’s architectural style paintings have an appealing contemporary edginess.  His work draws from a range of models such as Byzantine icon painting, Aboriginal art, American folk art, high modernism, technical schematics, tattoos and Ikebana. (Above: Penthouse)

“Making a painting is a process about building, layer over layer,” Koegel says. “I think this is why my images are always architectural, regardless of what’s being depicted.” (Above:  Detail of thoreau to kaczynski, acrylic, pumice, graphite and asphaltum on acetate 16-1/2 x 28-1/2 in)

Meadowbelly, detail: acrylic and pumice on canvas over 2 panels 48 x 72 in. overall

Cascade, acrylic and pumice on canvas over 2 panels, 60 x 45 in

Shaman’s Trash Heap, acrylic and pumice on linen over panel, 48 x 36 in

Koegel studied art and architecture at Cal Poly University, Pomona and Cal State University, Fullerton. He worked with clients such as…

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Nowadays, Every time I go to church, or when I am out with people and I haven’t seen people in a while, the first question would be where do you work? I am honest with them and I do say I am looking for work right now, but people do not know how hard it is finding a job. I have heard that phrase before, if someone wants a job bad enough, they will get it, but sometimes that is not the case, I keep trying and trying, but its not happening, but I know one day it will. As soon as I say that, the person I talk to gives me this certain look then the cold shoulder and doesn’t even bother to continue the conversation sometimes and just goes away. I am just so tired when a person first asks you, “where do you work?” rather than other…

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